August 14, 2010

Our First Night in Portugal!

This past February (2010) while I was in Belgium, we had the fantastic opportunity to do a home exchange to the Algarve of Portugal!

Our home for the next 12 days would be in a little village called "Ferragudo".  We stayed in a spacious two-story, two bedroom penthouse that had an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.

We arrived the evening of February 11th in Faro where we were picked up by Sergio, our home exchanger.  A little note for you here.  Alice and Sergio had come to Las Vegas on December 27th thru January 4 to stay at my home.  They had written me asking to do a home exchange and that it didn't need to be simultaneous.  Well how cool for me!  I was flying out on December 28th to Belgium for the next two months to be with my honey.

When we arrived in Ferragudo, Sergio took us to their home where I got to give Alice and little Sergio a big hug again!  We also got to meet Lucy, Sergio's mother.

We then went to dinner for some traditional Portuguese food at a little place called "O Velho Novo"

The food was fantastic!  We started with a few appetizers, like this plate of fresh shrimp.

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they had "Corvina" on the menu!  This brought back childhood memories in Los Angeles when my grandfather would go fishing at "Salton Sea" and bring us his fresh catch of Corvina!  So I of course had to order that with veggies smoothered in garlic, and it was delicious!

Stijn ordered up a pork kabob and veggies with fries of course!

After dinner Sergio and Alice took us to our penthouse were we settled in and poured ourselves a glass of champagne that they had there waiting for us.

We toasted to our new adventure while sitting outside on the upper terrace under the stars of the Algarve!


There are a few more pictures to see if you like at "Where's Debbie", then click on the album "Our First Night"


  1. Home exchange must be fabulous, Debbie... Do you all know alot of different languages???? You are both so fortunate to be able to do the travelling you do... Most of us have never had those opportunities...

    Love seeing more about your Portugal trip. I will check out your other pictures too...

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Home exchange looks like a great idea. What beautiful photos.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  3. You certainly had a wonderful start to your Portugal vacation. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  4. Great shots - Sorry to be late in getting back to you. Lexington VA is about 150 miles from Tri Cities area of TN.

  5. Portugal looks like a lot of fun! I like the idea of home exchange. You have great adventures!


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