August 3, 2010

Driving the Great Northwest - "B" is for Billings. Or is it Beer, Maybe it's Breweries?

While visiting our friends in Billings, Ron knew that Stijn would love the chance to try some Montana beers.  Stijn being from Belgium, who regards himself as a "beer connoisseur" if you will, jumps at this opportunity to see if Montana's beer can even come close to the World renowned beers of Belgium.  And it just so happens that Billings has a few breweries where Stijn can do a few taste comparisons.

It seems Montana has developed quite a reputation for producing great beer. They do grow some of the finest grains in the nation and location is everything. In an area situated just off the Rocky Mountains that produces barley that is used throughout the country to produce fine beers, domestic and craft. And Montana breweries pride themselves in using Montana grown grain to make their beer.

Now we did draw this out over a two day period, starting with visiting the "Montana Brewing Company" located at 113 N. Broadway.  Why did this brewery get picked first?  Well it was Sunday and it was the only one open, that's why.

I must make a confession here.....because this event actually took place this past April, neither Stijn or I can remember which beers we tasted.  But as Stijn says "It was beer, it was good!"

On Monday afternoon we hit the other 3 breweries in town.  First stop, "Angry Hanks Brewery".

I just love how most breweries that we've been to since we've started this trip are in places that have been re purposed if you will.  The building that Angry Hanks is in was once an old gas station located at 2405 First Ave. North.
It was a nice sunny afternoon, so we ordered up our beers and headed out front to the patio!

Okay, let's get moving, we have two more breweries to hit before dinner!  Next stop "Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company"  This brewery is referred to as the "Garage Pub".   Why?  Because it is  located in what used to be an old automotive repair garage.  Here is where Stijn got to chat with the brew master and discuss the intricacies of brewing beer.  And of course along with this came several samples of the brew masters favorites. 

So after much talk over several tastings, it was difficult to decide which brews Stijn would be leaving with from this brewery.

Located on Historic Montana Ave. right along the train tracks, Carter's Brewing has been serving up their specialty brews since their business began in July 2007.  An extensive brew list made it hard to decide which beer would be our last of the day.

Well, I'm about beered out!  Aren't there any wineries in the area?

There are a few more pictures of our two days "Pub Crawling".  Click here to see the album "Billings Breweries"


  1. Another great journey and it looks like you had fun, Jill.

  2. Hi Debbie----Looks like you all had a 'brewing' good time... ha..... I love the one in the old has station. That old building looks just like some of the old gas stations I remember growing up.... And the "Garage Pub" is a neat name. Is your hub going to start brewing his own beer????

    Have a great day, 'traveling gal'.... I want to find your waterfall post.

  3. I didn't realize that Billings had so many breweries. I'm glad Stijn thought the beers were pretty good.

  4. Hi,

    I'd love to use one of these images for my book! How can I contact you?

    1. Ryan, please let me know which image and I will be happy to send it to you!
      Thank you for your interest!


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