August 4, 2010

Driving the Great Northwest - A Day in Great Falls

During our stay in Billings this past April we took the drive up to "Great Falls" to visit a couple of Stijn's high school buddies from when he was an exchange student in Billings.

It was a beautiful drive through this part of the State on Hwy 191 and Hwy 87 to Great Falls.  I love seeing wildlife and we saw plenty of Pronghorn Antelope along the way.  Sorry no pictures, but Click here if you're curious about these beautiful animals.

After we arrived Cliff and Jared took us out to see the "Great Falls" of which this city is named for when Lewis and Clark arrived here on June 13, 1805.

There are five falls along this portion of the Missouri River.  Today we were were able to see a few sites while following the Lewis & Clark Trail along the Missouri River.

The first stop we made was at "Black Eagle Memorial Island". 

This is actually a man made island and is located downstream from "Black Eagle Dam".   It opened to the public in the summer of 2005 and has a 1,500 foot path that links to a viewing area at the tip of the island.

When then headed downstream to "Giant Springs Heritage Park".

Rather then me trying to explain the beauty of this place, I will let you read what William Clark wrote  when he first laid eyes on this spring.

.......the largest fountain or spring I have ever Saw, and doubt if it is not the largest in America ever known, this water boils up from under the rocks near the edge of the river and falls immediately into the river 8 feet and keeps it's colour for a mile which is immensely Clear and of Bluish Cast....
......William Clark

There is a concrete walkway in which you can take a stroll right between the Giant Spring and the Missouri River.   


Here you will also see the shortest river in the country.  The Roe River ranks as one of the shortest rivers at 201 feet in length, flowing into the longest river in the country.  The Missouri River is  2,540 miles long, 200 miles longer than the Mississippi River.

It is entirely way to cold and windy on this day to endure too much more.  But we did get a glimpse of one more site along the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Trail.  This folks "Is" the Great Falls!


I can just imagine what ol' Lewis and Clark thought when they saw the waterfalls in Oregon!

If you would like to see more pictures of our day just Click here and then click the album "Great Falls"


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful series of waterfalls with us. Perhaps some day we'll make it out to that part of the country so we can enjoy them ourselves.

  2. Very interesting place. The sight of the falls is beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the "follow!" How did you find my blog?
    Even though this river may be short, it's beautiful! Are you ever home?? Is your hubbies name a Dutch name?


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