October 3, 2014

Sharon & Sharyn's Great Canadian Adventure - Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

(written by Sharon & Sharyn)

At Lake Louise our stay was at the Mountaineer Lodge, the sister lodge to our previous inn in Jasper (a discount also is available if one stays at both lodges for a minimum period).  The Mountaineer Lodge exuded western Canadian comfort and charm, as well as an indoor pool and steam room.  And naturally the staff could not have been more pleasant.

The famous Lake Louise is only a 4 kilometer/ 2.5 mile drive away and although we had seen many impressive views during the preceding two days, the view across this pale emerald lake to the Victoria Glacier was the most postcard picture perfect scene in the Rockies we had glimpsed.
Lake Louise

There are various walks to choose from the arrival vantage point at Lake Louise including an easy 2 km/ 1.25 mi (each way) flat walk along the side of the lake. Apart from walking, there are opportunities for canoeing, horseback riding, rock climbing and no doubt more challenging mountain climbing.

Two people climbing the glacier (3/4 way to top in center – one is on the black ice patch and another above it – mere specks).  They moved very little in two hours’ time.

If Lake Louise (in our opinion) is the most picturesque lake setting we had seen in the Rockies, Moraine Lake has to take First Prize for the most beautiful color - officially cobalt blue fading to chrome green around the edges.  Sharyn unequivocally proclaimed she had found her new favorite color. 

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

We heeded the sign – stay in tight groups of 4 or more!

As always, there are a variety of walking trails for the energetic at Moraine Lake.  For the less active a short walk up the stepped path to many overlooks at the end of the lake near the parking area provides stunning views.

One visitor took to the water with her two dogs happily following. 

Moraine Lake is an easy drive of 14 km/8.5 mi from the turn-off on the road to Lake Louise.  And if you worked up an appetite climbing trails, a cafe and dining room facilities are available overlooking this magnificently colored lake.  Those who had more time on their hands hopped into rental canoes and paddled away a lazy afternoon under the sun, sky and snow-capped peak.

Tearing ourselves away from the incredible beauty of Moraine Lake was not easy but beautiful Banff was calling!


  1. Oh I do love Jasper and the mountains!!! I'm a little jealous reading this, actually. Did you go on the Skywalk platform? I hope you love Banff as well. When you are there you simply must try The Other Paw Bakery Cafe! They have the best baked goods!!

    1. Oh I look forward to the day I do get to go! And I will definitely stop by The Other Paw!! Sounds yummy!!.
      This trip was taken by my friend who is posting as a guest! This post was the third one in a series of 4! I hope you take a look at the other posts and see all that my friend did while on her trip!
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!

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