September 28, 2012

SkyWatch Friday - Sunset at Seaside

I spent the last 2 weeks visiting one of my favorite States.....Oregon!

I never tire of traveling the coast of Oregon and this last trip is another good reason why!

This trip was a girls getaway with my dear long time friend Suzy from Tonopah.  We had a blast visiting old friends and spending time with her mother.  We made several little trips all over Oregon, which of course included the coast!  And believe this or not, we actually went to a part of the Oregon Coast that I had never seen!!  I know crazy huh???

I've been on the very South Coast of Oregon at the California boarder and only as far North as Tillamook.  So visiting Seaside for the very first time was an absolute thrill!

Now I've seen some pretty amazing sunsets during my travels.  Unforgettable Fiji, beautiful Lake Tahoe, and nothing like a sunset in Africa.  But I tell you, the colors in this paticular sunset where unforgettable!

Now watch the colors change as the sunsets


The perfect ending to a perfect day in Seaside!
I have written this little story in conjuction with participating in SkyWatch Friday.
Just a little note.....these pictures were taken SOOC with no filters!!
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