October 15, 2014

Sharon & Sharyn's Great Canadian Adventure - Final Stop, Calgary

Well this is the last leg of Sharon & Sharyn's Great Canadian Adventure!

(Written by Sharon & Sharyn)

Banff is an Alpine-style town that exudes prosperity.
Between Moraine Lake and Banff is the Larch Valley which is surrounded by 10 snow-covered peaks.  A panorama camera would be best to capture all ten in one shot, but here is my best effort..

Sharyn taking a little hike near Banff

After a quick Banff city tour, a bit of retail therapy and a tasty hot stone fondue lunch, we aimed our trusty car towards Calgary for the famous Calgary Stampede.

Banff Main Street

Hot Stone Fondue

Chateau Banff

Just below are some pictures of the awesome City and the Calgary Stampede

Sharyn & Sharon in Calgary

Sharon with a Peruvian Horse

The Stampede was carried out despite a devastating flood just two weeks prior.  Due to Herculean efforts by the people railways were rebuilt, new energy lines laid, flood waters removed, buildings rebuilt and the Stampede went on! 

Level of the flood waters just 2 weeks earlier

Sharyn and Sharon were truly amazed and impressed by the city and the show.

The chuck wagon races, the spectacular entertainment and the fireworks were an appropriate finale to our Western Canada discovery tour!


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