August 17, 2010

A Morning Walk in Ferragudo

It's February 13th, and it was an absolutely beautiful day in "Ferragudo"!

Our penthouse is only about 400 yards from the Praia Grande beach, so we took a walk along the beach before meeting Alice later in the morning.

As we walked down the stairs that lead to the sand we discovered a nice beach cafe, Restaurante Praia Grande .  In fact there are a total of 3 little cafes along this small beach.

I just love these twin lighthouse's that sit at the mouth of the Arade River where it goes into the Atlantic Ocean.  The lighthouse on the left is in Ferragudo and the one on the right is in Portimão .

From here you can also see the city of "Portimão" on the other side of the Arade River.

Now I've seen a lot of castles in my travels, but this is a first for me.  A castle on the beach!

São João de Arade, sometimes referred to as "Castelo de São João do Arade" was actually a fort that began it's life in the 15th century as a lookout tower which was then extended during the late 17th early 18th centurys to play a part in the fortifications protecting the mouth of the river Arade along with the fort of Santa Catarina that is straight opposite on the bank above Portimão's modern marina. 

(That's Portimão in the distance)

After enjoying our stroll on the beach we walked over the hill to the other side of Ferragudo. On our way we had a nice view of the other side of  Castelo de São João do Arade from the other beach in Ferragudo, Angrinha. 

We walked along some narrow cobblestone streets to the town square and saw some beautiful hand painted Portuguese tiled homes.  

We picked our spot on the square which in the days to come, became our favorite place to hang out.

I ordered my two new favorite's....a Galão and a Pastel de Nata!  Remember the Pastel de Nata is that great little tart filled with custard I had the morning before.  A Galão is a Portuguese hot drink made of espresso and foamed milk served in a tall glass.  I don't like coffee, but this is made with only one-quarter coffee and three-quarters milk......YUM!

Well, Alice has just arrived and it's time for us to head up into the mountains of the Algarve.  The Monchiques!

There are so many more pictures of our morning at "Where's Debbie".  Just click on the album "A Morning Walk in Ferragudo"


  1. Hi Debbie... The castle on the beach is incredible... Love it!!!!! I also love lighthouses ---so seeing one picture with two of them in it is special... Thanks!!!!


  2. Thanks for taking us with you on your morning beach walk. The castle on the beach is a first for me as well. I really like those twin lighthouses.

  3. very nice photos and beautiful, thanks for sharing information about this place. Keep Travelling


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