June 13, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Victorious

After riding 200 miles from Seattle Washington to Portland Oregon.....

You bet I felt VICTORIOUS!


June 2, 2012

Where Was I? - 2

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming response to my first "Where Was I" post last week!  There were a lot of really great guesses!
But ultimately Kay from "Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel" had the right guess after reading your comments and narrowing it down to, Where I was!
Reno, Nevada!!!!
Who knew?  Such a beautiful street in Reno Nevada could make you think and feel like you were actually driving down a country road in the English Countryside....Good Guess One Fly!

So let's see if you can guess today's "Where Was I?"

I spent a long weekend here, surrounded by vineyards, storks and castles!

But nothing could match the quaintness of these cobblestone streets winding through brightly colored buildings filled with pastries, souvenirs and hot wine!

Thank goodness I didn't have to stop at either one of these places to grab a bite to eat!

Why would I, when I could have a meal like this!!!

Where Was I?

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