November 11, 2009

Trick or Treat?

It's October 31, Halloween Night and I'm not handing out candy. Tonight I get to watch my first professional football game in Europe!

But not just any team is playing tonight. Stijn's favorite team Club Brugge is playing on their home field against Sint-Truiden in Brugge.

Stijn insists that I look like a true Club Brugge die hard fan. So we head on over to the official souvenir shop and he buys me the traditional blue and white strip Club Brugge scarf. Cool! I blend right in now.

Okay, where is the snack bar so I can get a hot dog! Well I'm in Europe so no hot dogs here. We take a walk around the outside of the stadium and choose one of the vendors who is selling some sausages. Mmmm the garlic one sounds good and certainly looks more appetizing then the food booth selling whole dried fish. Then we get some french fries and of course a couple of nice cold beers!!

We find our seats and settle in for the big game. Stijn is such a cool guy, he bought our tickets so that we would be sitting right with the biggest fans of this team. I don't know what was more fun, watching the game or watching the fans go crazy and hear them singing their chants to cheer on the team.
These were your typical sports enthusiasts yelling, screaming and singing for their team. And although I couldn't understand a thing they were saying, there was one thing that I did understand...... "I'm Lov'in It"!

There was a lot of great action, but neither team could seem to make a goal during the first half of the game. And then it happens. Club Brugge scores in the second half and wins the game 1-0! And the crowd goes wild!!!

I will never forget this experience and the fun I had watching a professional football game for the first time. So for me, this was definitely a Treat!

There are more pictures of the game at "Where's Debbie". Just click on the album "Club Brugge"

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