November 3, 2009

Our Last Day in Oz

After Sharon and I returned from our day on the Great Barrier Reef, we enjoyed a nice peaceful dinner and a glass of wine at the restaurant "The Deck". This was perfect as it is located right here at Captain Cook Cabins.

We get an early start this morning (May 14) for our drive back to Surfer's Paradise. We decide to just grab something for breakfast on the road. Hmmm, Kangaroo sounds pretty interesting for breakfast doesn't it?

Lucky us! We were able to get back to Surfer's Paradise in time to enjoy a few hours on the beach and get some last minute shopping done before catching our flights in the morning.

As we were heading back to our car after some souvenir shopping, Sharon decided to join in on a backgammon game with a gentleman sitting on the terrace in front of Del Greco.
This was a Greek Mediterranean restaurant and it seemed like such a fun place. So we decided to have dinner here before heading back to the house to get our packing done.

Well this is the part I hate the most. When another great home exchange comes to an end and I have to go home.

This has been an amazing 3 weeks in Oz! It's been great to share such an awesome experience with my good friend Sharon. We've met so many wonderful people, but none as wonderful as Helen! And this is one of the great things about home exchanging. You meet the people who "Live" where you are visiting. And there is no travel book or Internet site that is going to have better information than the tips the locals will give you about the best places to go and sites to see.....and especially where to eat!

I miss you Helen!

I wonder where in the World my next home exchange will take me?

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  1. This is a great post on your home exchange experience! I am a fellow home exchanger myself, and it is always anamazing thing to share your travel experiences. Recently, I did a home exchange in Paris through and I love it! Keep writing those home exchange stories!


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