December 9, 2009

A Morning Walk In Oostende

After watching the victory game of Club Brugge last night we drove to Oostende to spend the night. Oostende is the largest coastal town in Belgium.

Our plan today (Nov 1) is to take a walk along the beach before heading back over to Brugge to spend the day. We are staying at Hotel die Prince and it is right in front of the beach! We of course have a room with a view of the lower roof and the rooms across from us. Not the view we were hoping for, but a view none the less. After we have breakfast in the hotel we bundle up to prepare for our walk.

I was so excited to see the waves of the North Sea rolling in as we stepped out the front door of our hotel! It is a day with no sunshine, grey skies, and a light wind. But that's not stopping me, I see a Lighthouse up ahead!

As we continue to walk we see an open air fresh fish market and must stop in to have a look. And what better place to get the catch of the day then from a market on the beach!

Now if you're not into fresh fish you could certainly get yourself some prepared seafood dishes or some dried fish that is hanging from the canopies of the kiosks that line the waterfront.

We made our way to the Mercator Marina and got a close up look of the "Mercator Ship"

The Mercator was built in 1931 and was used by the Belgian Navy until 1960. Now it is a floating museum and tours are available, but we chose to save this for another day and continue our walk through the shopping street while making our way back to our hotel.

I just love the shopping streets of Europe! These are streets where no vehicles are allowed! They are also a shopaholics dream. Walking along cobblestone streets passing stores selling clothing, housewares, flowers, chocolates, pastries! And no shopping street is complete without the "Golden Arches"!

You know the day is going to be a great one when you can start with a walk on the beach!

Next stop, Brugge.

You can see more pictures of our walk by going to "Where's Debbie" and click on the album "Oostende"

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