March 31, 2009

You Gotta Love Florida!

Lucky me, I just happen to be in Florida during festival season it seems. The newspaper had an insert listing all the festivals that will be going on from now thru the end of April, and it just so happens that there is one more before I go home. Remember Stijn and I went to the Seafood Festival in St. Augustine on March 14th, well now there is another one March 21 in Jacksonville Beach, "Springing the Blues". I'm there!

Jacksonville Beach is the next town going north on 1A1 from Ponte Vedra Beach, so it only took me about 10 minutes to be at the beach front where the festival was taking place. When I get here it is evident that this is a very popular festival based on the fact that I had to park 3 blocks away.

As I am walking towards the Seawalk Pavilion where the festival is taking place, I can here some great blues music being played by one of the many artists that will be performing today.

The festival had several vendors selling their crafts, clothing, jewelery, and some great sauces and marinades that you could sample for free!

Then of course there was that great row of about a dozen or so food vendors selling all kinds of seafood. I walked up and down this row taking pictures and trying to decide on which vendor I was going to choose.

As I was deciding I would see people with plates piled high with seafood, and baskets overflowing with crawfish.

I can't decide!! So I make a couple more passes and finally decide on a seafood wrap. When I walk up to order the guy says to me "So you finally made a decision"?. I didn't realize it was that obvious, and then he says "Didn't you have a camera"?. Okay, I guess that sort of made me stand out in a crowd.

I then headed over to the Pavilion, found myself a spot on the grass and enjoyed my seafood wrap while listening to some great blues music.

You gotta love Florida!

To see more pictures just go to "Where's Debbie" and click on the "Seafood Festival" album

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