March 23, 2009

Europe In 30 Days - I Don't Wanna Go Home!

I can't believe Jan 25th is here already and that I have to leave tomorrow to go back to Las Vegas. But Stijn, in true fashion has great plans for us today to help keep my mind off of the inevitable.

Seeing how much I enjoyed the Italian markets, Stijn thought that I would certainly love to experience a market in Belgium. So we take the metro to a huge market that is held on the grounds of Cureghem Cellars every Sunday. Now this was an amazing market, not only could you buy fresh fruits and vegetables,

or fresh fish and meat, but if you needed a new appliance, or some clothing you could get that here too. But lets say you need a couple of live geese or chickens..........

Next we headed to the Grand Place for one last chance to get some pictures of this magnificent square. Every time I go here I take a ton of pictures because I am in such awe of all the fabulous architecture that surrounds it, but beside that the skies are clear in Brussels today!
Stijn has decided that he is going to cook dinner for me tonight, so after stopping in La Grand Cafe for one last Irish Coffee before I go home, we go to the grocery store to pick up some mussels. What is a trip to Brussels without having some mussels?
Don't you just love a man in the kitchen?

Dinner is wonderful! And who could ask for more than spending time with the one you love, sharing not only a glass of wine and a pot of mussels, but all of the unforgettable memories that you just made together over the last 30 days.

I Love You Stijn!

To see more pictures of my last day in Europe just go to Where's Debbie and click on the album "Brussels".

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