March 28, 2009

Space Shuttle "Discovery" Launch March 15th

Today turns out to be a day of mixed emotions for me. First I am very sad that Stijn is leaving today for Brussels,. Our time together is very precious and always seems to go by so fast.

But we make the most of today by just enjoying breakfast together and leisurely getting ready to go to the airport. We even spend about 2 hours together in the airport before we have to say "See you soon". I love you Stijn, and I can't wait to see you again in June.

After I arrive back home I pour myself a glass of wine and settle in for the evening. There is an emptiness here now but I am filled with memories as I write another story about our adventures during our time together here in Ponte Vedra Beach.

And then emotion number two kicks in. The door bell rings and it is Laura from next door inviting me to join them as they go to the beach tonight to watch the space shuttle launch. I am so excited I can't even hardly stand myself! How exciting to go to the beach and witness the launch of space shuttle "Discovery". As we stood on the beach you could see the shuttle in the distance coming towards us as it was making its way to the National Space Station. This was the 125th launch since the first one 30 years ago.

Sure I can try and describe to you the beauty of watching the shuttle make it's mark across the evening skies with it's brilliant yellow-gold color of the upper part of the launch and the bright orange path that followed, but you REALLY had to be there.

This was just so exciting to me, to be able to actually witness such a spectacular event!

If you would like to see more pictures just go to "Where's Debbie" and click on the album "Shuttle Launch"

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