March 23, 2009

A Home Exchange in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

My 8th home exchange has begun! Dan and Nancy had contacted me this past fall through with their tempting offer of an exchange to Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida during the month of March and April. They wanted to come to Las Vegas for 1-2 months, and as much as I hate to say "No" to any offers of a home exchange I had to let them know that under any other circumstances I would love to do an exchange for that length of time. However, I would just be returning from a month long trip to Europe in January and that I had already committed to an exchange for 3 weeks to Australia for May. So after a few emails back and forth we came to an agreement on dates and I accepted the offer!

I picked Dan and Nancy up from the airport on March 2 and brought them to my home and helped them get settled in before I left the following day to their home. Dan was a sweetie and took me to the airport in the morning and braved his way back to my house through the morning Las Vegas traffic. I sure know how to break them in don't I?

I landed in Jacksonville about 6:30pm, took the shuttle to the parking lot to pick up their car and then drove to my new "home" for the next 3 weeks.

I've settled in with a glass (or two) of some red wine they had left for me and enjoyed my first night in Ponte Vedra Beach.

But tomorrow is what I am really excited about!! Stijn arrives from Brussels at JAX about 5:30pm! He had told me in Brussels when I was at the airport getting ready to fly back to Las Vegas "Only 5 weeks". Well I can't believe that it is 5 weeks later and he will be here with me until March 15th.

We have some great adventures planned so keep checking back here to see what we did and what we saw while here in Florida on my 8th home exchange.

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