January 30, 2010

Maaaannnn, Do I Have To Go Home?

My three weeks in Europe came to an end this past November.....RATS!

I had arrived on Oct 22 and returned to Las Vegas on Monday, Nov 16. But I wasn't leaving without one more walk through the streets of Brussels, especially to the "Grand Place" to have myself one last hot Belgian waffle before leaving!

This trip was filled again with so many firsts for me....watching my first professional football (soccer) game, my first Belgian volleyball game, my first cycling race, and my first trip to the coast of Belgium.

And then of course another wonderful birthday surprise from my honey.....a trip to the "Alsace Region of France"!

So is there any doubt as to why I did not want to go home?

Awe, but there is always a happy ending. I will be returning to Belgium on December 29,2009 for the longest trip I have ever been on.....2 months!

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