April 6, 2011

Watery Wednesday - Honfluer France

For many years Honfleur, located on the Normandy Coast, has been popular with artists. Painters such as Monet and Boudin were drawn by the scenery and coastline.

And I could certainly see why after spending the night here while on our trip through France in January 2009.

Many others are participating in "Watery Wednesday".  So please stop by and take a look at some other wonderful Watery Shots!


  1. Would love to travel too, especially Europe.

    Awesome place!

    Visit my entry to Watery Wednesday @ World of Vhincci

  2. I love these views of Honfluer. The waterfront is absolutely photogenic and charming.

  3. Nice place, I could easily spend a few days here. The harbour looks relaxing.

  4. Beautiful, Debbie.... I can see why famous artists went there... The coast is perfect for great pictures....Nice also for Watery Wed.

  5. I enjoyed it so much when my husband and I did some traveling. I miss it and would do more. I just do not have anyone to go with me. Too expensive going it alone.


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