December 10, 2010

Skiing in Belgium???

Belgians love to snow ski!  However, Belgium is not known for World Class ski slopes, heck, they don't even have any mountains!  Belgians travel all over Europe to enjoy their favorite past time to places like the Dolomites in Italy, the Alps in Switzerland, Tyrol in Austria and Tignes France.  In fact, we will be going to France for a ski holiday this upcoming February, so keep a look out for that story! 

But you know you just don't want to ski once a year, right?  So here in the Henegouwen Provence of Belgium they have "Ice Mountain"! 

How cool is this!!!??  No we didn't ski here (remember we're going to France!).  Stijn's brother, Dries, works here and provides snowboarding lessons down the 131 foot slope.

This place has skiing and snowboarding on real snow with 2 runs for beginners and advanced skiers.

We enjoyed a drink from the restaurant while watching people having fun on this indoor slope.  

There are no chair lifts here.  So how do they get back to the top? 

Hold on to that cable and take a ride to the top!

Don't forget to check out "Where's Debbie" for more pictures!


  1. Where there's a will . . . there's a way. I think this is pretty neat. Thanks for sharing Ice Mountain with us.

  2. In so many ways this makes sense. Hey, if you fall and get hurt you're not in the middle of nowhere and can get aid quicker!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my photo blog today.

  3. After the indoors ice skating tracks this is really taking it to a whole new level :)

    Cheers from Portugal,

  4. How cool and what a great idea. I'm sure the Belguim skiers love it.

  5. I can almost feel the atmosphere with your ethereal pictures. The dry ski slopes that we have in the UK are a much more tepid affair ... maybe something relative to the UK winter Olympics medal haul !!

  6. Hi Debbie! Stunning pictures. Have a great day my friend.


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