October 3, 2010

From the Mountains to the Coast of the Algarve

There is still plenty to see here on the Algarve, and our days are numbered.  So on Friday, February 19  we decided to drive to the East of Ferragudo to the mountain town of  Loulé

Loulé is an interesting town whose beginnings are uncertain, some historians putting it as far back as 400BC, but others say it's origins are Roman. There is a mix of modern and Moorish architecture that keeps the eye wandering and the camera clicking!

After we parked our car, we soon discovered that Loulé is a very easy town to explore by just walking around. 

We were very excited when we came upon a market filled with fresh fish, vegetables and fruits.

One of the things I just love, and that you see all throughout the Algarve, are the beautiful filigree chimneys.  I have been told by Alice that the chimney is a symbol of wealth here.

Well it's time to head off the mountain and spend some time on the coast.  So we headed down to "Vilamoura", which is located virtually in the middle of the Algarve coast. Vilamoura's accessibility has helped it become one of Europe's largest beach resorts. Stijn had been here once before on a trip he had won to play poker at the "Vilamoura Casino".  So he was anxious to show me around.

Despite the name translating to ‘Moorish Town’, in terms of history there is very little to see in Vilamoura, hardly surprising as it has only really existed for about 30 years.  There were plenty of resorts and golf courses, so this place was a bit disappointing for me.  But Stijn remembered a great little beach bar on Praia da Marina, Beach Bar Maresia.

He sure knows how to make my day!

If you would like to see more pictures of our day, click here "Where's Debbie" and then on the album "From the Mountains to the Coast"


  1. What is that lovely building with the red turret? I love all the filigree chimneys! A town only 30 years old, now that's interesting, everything must be brand new!

  2. From the mountains to the beach.... Life must be good, Debbie.... What a gorgeous place... Interesting about the fancy chimneys....

    That produce market looks wonderful...

    I'd love some of the 'liquid refreshment' also... ha

  3. These are beautiful pictures. Although I'm sure the resort town was very nice, I like visiting places with history associated with them. The fact that they are as beautiful as Algarve makes them doubly rewarding.

  4. Great post Debbie. You sure do get around.. I just put up a new post about my travels.. The garden is at Monticello good job

  5. You travel to the most beautiful places, Debbie. These are a beautiful series of photos, thanks for sharing them.

  6. Great old buildings - do like the older places - so much history!

  7. It's great to see the old buildings and food markets...always reminds me of mainland Europe.

  8. Wow! I used to spend the summer holidays there a long time ago!
    In fact, I live in France but I was born in Nazaré (Portugal) which is a very typical fisher's village North of Lisbon but where the water is very cold. And so, when the children were little we preferred to go the Southern beaches of Portugal.
    thank you for sharing your very nice pictures;o)

    Have a nice day*******


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