May 4, 2009

Lazy Days on the Gold Coast

My first few days in Australia have been filled with so much exploring, with hiking for two days in the hinterlands and a day checking out hot spots with Helen. So that is why during the next couple of days I have decided to just take it easy and do some laying around on the beach for a day.

So Thursday was a great day for doing just that! And then to top that off, Friday I am invited to Helen's for a complimentary massage by her husband Grant. Well you know I'm not turning this down! Turns out Grant is a qualified massage therapist and personal trainer. Lucky me! So not only did I get a well deserved massage after hiking for two days, I also received some great tips on my workout.

Afterwards while Helen and I enjoy a glass of wine out on her patio, she then invites me to join her for dinner with some fellow Bushwalkers. And then knowing that I would like to get some souvenir shopping done, Helen suggests that on Saturday we spend sometime at Marina Mirage and then head to Surfer's to get my shopping done.

First we headed out to the "Spit" and watched some hopeful surfer's practicing their technique during a surfing lesson. This will be something that I will probably never attempt to do because if you know me, I'm not getting in the water!

We then backtrack passing Sea World again and spend sometime at Marina Mirage which is situated overlooking the Broadwater. We first take a walk through the newly updated mall that is now filled with designer shops such as Calvin Klein, Domani Shoes, Tommy Bahama, Tommy Hilfiger and so many more. Then as we take a walk around the Marina to have a look at all the boats and yachts, we pass several restaurants, which all have outdoor dining with views of the Broadwater and Surfer's Paradise in the distance.

Now a must see is the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa which is situated directly across from Marina Mirage. This place has the most incredible view of the beach right from the lobby!

And then to top it all off we take a walk through the world's first Palazzo Versace Hotel. This is where famous people like John Lennon had stayed after docking their yacht. Which by the way could not be docked in the Marina because it was just too big. The minute we walk through the doors and enter the lobby I can smell a subtle scent of roses which is coming from the thousands of fresh cut pale pink roses that are displayed throughout the lobby. My eyes are trying to focus on just one thing, but they are drawn to the Italian Marble beneath my feet, and then to a view of the pool which has it's own sandy beach entry. Amazing!

We must now head on over to Surfer's Paradise and get some shopping done. As we make our way through all of those little typical "Aussie" souvenir shops, we stumble upon Surfer's newest shopping and leisure precinct, Circle on Cavill. And here I see the "BIGGEST" big screen tv I have ever seen. All I could think about was how great this would be if Stijn were here, he would love this! Especially since his favorite football team (soccer to us Americans) was playing. This is obviously a great spot to stop and have a bite to eat or a cup of coffee and just sit with your head bent back looking up at the "Boob Tube".

Our day has come to an end but certainly not the adventures that still lie ahead. My girlfriend Sharon will be here tomorrow and we have a lot of exploring to do while she is here for the next two weeks!

To see more pictures just go to "Where's Debbie" and click on the album "Lazy Days"

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