May 1, 2009

A Day Spent With Helen

After a nice relaxing day on Monday I was treated to a phone call from Helen early Tuesday morning inviting me to join her for a little beach trip to Currumbin.

I had met Helen on Sunday during the Bushwalkers Club hike we did in the Lamington National Park. So how excited was I to be able to spend some more time with her on what turned out to be a gorgeous day on the Gold Coast.

Helen picked me up around 8:30am and we headed out to Currumbin. On our way we made a stop at Broadbeach to take a little walk along the beach.

The ocean is magnificent and the water is several shades of blue with the wall of the waves looking like glass because the water is so clear. The sand is so fine that as I walk I can hear a sort of squeaking with each step I take.

After about 30 minutes or so we head on down the coast and make another stop at the Miami Beach headland. After having our pictures taken Helen has a great idea for me!

She suggests that I take the little hike up and over this rock outcropping to enjoy some more incredible views and she would drive over and meet me on the other side at North Burleigh Headland.

So I start out on the marked path and I am stopped dead in my tracks when I see this tree. I am a bit intrigued, yet embarrassed to be taking pictures of it. You know, someone might think that I am a bit of a pervert or something. Any idea why they call this a "Mangrove Tree"?

As I make my way to the other side I am stunned by the views from here.

After meeting up with Helen on the other side, we decide it is time to have a coffee. So we head on down to Currumbin to one of Helen's favorite spots, The Beach Shack. But first we see a sculpture just across the street that is left over from the huge Swell Sculpture Festival they had here back in September. So you know I must have pictures of this life size sculpture of a woman who is enjoying soaking up some rays.

We finally make it to Currumbin and Helen can not wait to get in the water!

I of course chose to walk over to the other side and pick our spot on the beach where we ended up lying out for about an hour while having some great girl talk.

It's about 3:00pm now and we are ready for a glass of wine! So we head to another of Helen's favorite spots, The Currumbin Vikings Surf Club. This is a great open air restaurant with seating inside and alfresco. After we order something to eat and get our glass of wine, we head straight to the deck and claim our beach view table. It only takes me a slpit second to realize why this is one of Helen's favorites. We are literally sitting over the beach watching the waves crash against the rocks as we enjoy our wine.

As Helen and I make a toast to new friendships, I can't help but think how this was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

If you would like to see more pictures of our day just click here "Where's Debbie" and then click on the album "A Day Spent With Helen"

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