January 20, 2012

Sky Watch Friday - As the Sun Sets in Nevada

While driving North to Reno on January 4, which by the way is a 7 hour drive from Las Vegas, I saw this beautiful sunset when leaving Fallon, Nevada.

So you know I just had to take some pictures........

........through the windshield!

Traveling is not just the destination, it's the journey!

Happy Friday!

I am participating in Skywatch Friday.


  1. These are beautiful pictures -- it's hard to believe you got them through the windshield of your car.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Great, beautiful skies, especially through the windshield!!

  3. Hi there, stranger. I'm a bit behind in commenting, but I've been thinking of you, and her you are. Gorgeous sky photos!
    All the best from both of us (and the dog) to both of you.

  4. Nothing wrong with window pictures. Side windows are better and the trip I just took in a new ride the manual drivers window went bad. What a pain. It's fixed now.


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