February 17, 2011

Tavira Portugal

On January 27 (2011) we decided to drive about 1 hour to the east of Ferragudo and enjoy the sites of "Tavira". 
Tavira along with Lagos is one of the most architecturally attractive towns in the Algarve and its origin dates back to around 2,000 BC.

Like most of the Algarve its buildings were all virtually destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. The town has since been rebuilt with many fine 18th Century buildings

There are about 37 churches here, and we were able to see a few as we ejoyed our walk.

I think you have a good idea by now, (if you've been following my blog that is) that I love the water.  So of course we made our way to the river front where an old Roman bridge links the two parts of the town across the River Gilão.

The buildings along the river have access to the water but on this day I don't think anyone was planning a boat trip.

There is a nice "square" in the historic centre with park benchs, beautiful cobblestone and a small gazebo that seems to sit in a small pond.

Oh wait, I see a castle up there!
.The Castle of Tavira (locally known as Castelo de Tavira) is smack dab in the town historic centre.  Apparetly there is a local road train that runs every hour if you don't want to take the walk.  But you know me, so up we go, on foot!

All that remains of Tavira Castle pretty much consists of the remains of two square towers, one octagonal tower and walls on three sides.

None of the towers possess the characteristics of a keep although there surely must have been one. There are some pretty steep stairs you can climb to most of the walls and towers.

We choose to just walk around the garden that is in the interior of the Castle.

And look at this, wild Pointsettia!

All this and it's free!  Pretty nice huh?
And it gets better!  There was this great restaurant right next to the Castle walls.  We had "A Ver Tavira" all to our selves and had a great corner table with a spectacular view across the town.

I cheated and zoomed in on this while seating at our table
  I had the octopus risotto while Stijn enjoyed a curried chicken, yum!

Well this is where I apologize for not having any beach pictures.  We did make an honest effort but the rain started and we decided to head back to Ferragudo.  Hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did!

To see more pictures of Tavira, take a peek here "Where's Debbie" and then click on the album "Tavira"


  1. Tavira is a beautiful town with all those churches. I really like that Roman bridge, and I imagine that the garden inside the castle was beautiful.

  2. Those are fabulous shots. I think I'd go crazy there taking photos! So many wonderful photo ops...

  3. Hi Debbie, Tavira looks like a gorgeous place. Love the architecture... AND--that wild poinsettia is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. After all this, I feel like I have been around the world with you. When my husband was alive, we traveled a lot, but it is too expensive going it alone. Keep traveling as long as you can. You only go around in life once.

  5. i never feel that portugal is interesting but you kinda change my mind

  6. Fabulous photos Debbie! All those stairs, wow! I'd have to work out like crazy to be ready for those! Have a great weekend!

  7. No need to apologise for the lack of beach pictures as this post is a delight as it has so much variety to it. amongst other things here there are great pictures of churches, river houses, narrow streets and of course .... food !


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