November 16, 2010

Watery Wednesday - Twin Lighthouses of the Algarve

While visiting Portugal's Algarve coast, I fell in love with these twin lighthouses which sit at the mouth of the Arade River.

The water is murky, and that is because I took this picture in February 2010 during the rainy season.

We took a walk out to the lighthouse on the Ferragudo side of the bay to try and capture the waves crashing against the jetty.

Please take the time to see some more fantastic photos of water by some great people at "Watery Wednesday"


  1. The crashing waves and lighthouses are nicely captured, Debbie. I can almost hear the spray slap against the rocks.:)

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful lighthouses with us. You did a wonderful job of capturing the waves crashing against the jetty.

  3. i was never interested to visit portugal until i stumble onto your blog

  4. Oh, I love lighthouse, so thank you for two!
    I especially love that second picture with the crashing waves. Very nice.

  5. Lighthouses make great subjects to photograph. You've captured them so nicely. I love the first shot: the dueling lighthouses! Thanks for visiting.


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