September 21, 2010

Watery Wednesday - Oregon Coast

There is nothing more beautiful then the Oregon Coast!
I took this picture while visiting the cave of "Sea Lion Caves", across the shorline to "Heceta Head Lighthouse".


  1. Beautiful picture of the Oregon coast, Debbie... Perfect for Watery Wed.

    Hope you are doing okay... I've been worried about you.


  2. you must have been quite high up when you took this. the waters look a might dangerous!

  3. Gorgeous! I've been to Ocean Shores but never that far down the coast. Add it to my list!

  4. The colors of blue in this are wonderful! I agree with my good friend Betsy, where have you been and how are you?

  5. My wife Popi loves this part of the world. Haven't been in Oregon yet, but as far as I can judge is an amazing place. Hugs

  6. I’ve traveled along the Oregon coast and marveled at the crashing waves against the rocky shore. This trip was actually one that I treasure. I still have the little glass bird purchased at a shop along the way.

  7. I love the colours in the water, and how it is so turbulent! Not a good place for wading, but wonderful to look at!

  8. This is an absolutely beautiful scene. I guess we're going to have to add the Oregon coast to our 'must visit' list.

  9. Debbie, Last time we connected you were heading to Malta for a year. You have been all over the place since then. How much time have you actually spent in Nevada?
    Jim the retired guy.

  10. Oregon has a magnificent coastline and you captured it perfectly. Debbie.

    be well, be happy traveling.


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