February 12, 2009

Europe In 30 Days - Shopping in Antwerpen Part 2

Okay, I think I have taken a picture from every angle possible of the Cathedral and the street performer is finished entertaining the crowd. So we pick a narrow street leading off of the square and continue to explore.

And just when I think this city couldn't possibly be anymore beautiful we come upon yet another square, The Grote Markt. The square reminds me of the Grand Place in Brussels, certainly not as big but equally impressive. In front of the Stadhuis (Town Hall) an ice skating platform is still in place from the Christmas Market and families are enjoying some time on the ice under the clear blue skies today. In the center of the square is this great statue called "Brabo" and we are trying to figure out why the guy at the top of this statue is holding a severed hand??? Statues in Europe are just so fascinating!

We leave the square and end up on the banks of the Scheldt River. As we pass a Ferris wheel, we see just ahead of us this great old castle, "Het Steen" with yet another interesting statue standing at the entrance. This one is probably the funniest statue I've ever seen and is called "Lange Wapper". We stroll along the river for a little while before heading back towards the Central Station to catch our train back to Brussels.
This has been a wonderful day of strolling through cobblestone streets, shopping, discovering and eating.
But, there is one more meal to be eaten before we end our day. We decide it is best to have dinner back in Brussels at the restaurant directly across the street from Stijn's apartment, Le Loup Voyant . The restaurant was very cozy with it's heavy timbered benches and tables and the waiter was incredibly helpful and friendly. Now I think you know by now that I am all about having traditional food wherever I am so Stijn ordered for me the Koninginnehapje (The Queens Dish). This was so good! A flaky pastry puff filled with chicken and mushrooms in a white cream sauce. Stijn had shish kabob, both of which are served with a big helping of Fries. Remember I'm in Belgium hence fries with just about every meal.
As we are sipping our wine and reminiscing about our day we make a toast to yet another wonderful day together.
There are plenty of pictures of our day in Antwerpen. Just visit Wheres Debbie and click on the album "Antwerpen"

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