January 31, 2009

Europe in 30 Days - Visiting Namur Jan 2

When I travel I love to see and do as much as possible and Stijn is well aware of this "Need to Explore" bone I have in my body. So he has planned out the next few days to satisfy my desire to see and do as much as possible. First on the list is Namur, about 35 miles southeast of Brussels and is situated on the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers.

We spend the day walking through the cobblestone streets and I am just awed by the architecture and I can't seem to take enough pictures. I smell a Belgium waffle in the air and I must have one! Belgium is such a great country. I mean where else can you go and walk up to a little vendor on the street and just buy a hot waffle? We continue to just wander around peeking in windows filled with pastries, meats, cheeses, and prepared dishes that I have just never seen before and of course must take pictures.
We decide it's time to have something warm to drink and we find a little place called A Table! that looks like the perfect place to do just that. I had a Grog, a nice hot drink with alcohol in it! A Table! sits on the banks of the Meuse River and offers dining with a view of the Citadelle.
As we continue walking we come upon a bridge and from there we have a magnificent view of the Citadelle. Now this is something we must see so we spend a couple of hours exploring following the cobblestone paths to the top. Well it's time for another hot toddy and as luck would have it, at the top was a little cafe called La Panorama. Here I have an Irish Coffee and Stijn has a beer. I'm not sure how he warms up with a cold beer, but it works for him. As the name might suggest, we had a great view over looking the city below while sitting there warming up and reflecting on our day.
If you would like to see pictures of our day in Namur you can visit Wheres Debbie and click on the "Namur" album.

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